06.12.2014  · the Patient Zero quest has to be done before you can get the key made to farm for mesa as the reward at the end is the alad v assasinate key which requires you to get alad v nav’s. Alad V navs can.

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Patient Zero. In order for the player to start this quest, you must complete the Eris junction on Pluto. Upon completion, the player will be awarded with the Patient Zero Quest. Go to the Quest section of the Codex, select the quest, then click "Begin Quest" to start.

15.06.2017  · WARFRAME: PATIENT ZERO QUEST PLAYTHROUGH – MUTALIST ALAD V TAKEDOWN! Alad V has partnered with the infested and intends to take down the system. Let’s deal with this latest threat and unlock the.

Venez découvrir tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur la partie : "Patient Zéro" du jeu Warframe dans son wiki.

Patient Zero: Mission Accomplished By destroying Alad V’s lab ship you have destroyed his ability to make new infested. Now you need to go after the man himself. He’s on the run and it’s up to you to track him down. Use the attached tracker to find him. Good luck Tenno, Lotus

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Patient Zero is a quest to search for Mutalist Alad V, introduced in Update 15.5, where players must find and locate Alad V’s new Infested form to stop his plans of dominating the Origin System. Completing this quest will provide the blueprint necessary to create a Mutalist Alad V Assassinate.

Just unlocked the patient zero quest a day or two ago and logged on today to play with some friends. I check my quests and it wasn’t in there, so I check the codex and it says I’ve completed the quest even though I haven’t even started it yet.

15.02.2015  · http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Patient_Zero Also Mesa isn’t exactly unlocked by the quest, by finishing the quest you get a key blueprint which you.

Patient Zéro est une quête visant à traquer Alad V Mutaliste, introduit lors de l’Update 15.5. Les joueurs doivent localiser la nouvelle forme d’Infestation créée par Alad V et stopper ses plans de domination du Système Solaire. Afin de commencer cette quête, le joueur doit terminer la Jonction.

31.10.2017  · My Patient Zero quest won’t complete despite having destroyed Alad V’s Laboratory Ship. Therefore, I was not rewarded the Alad V Assassination Key blueprint, and the quest is left incomplete. Upon returning to my ship after destroying Alad V’s Laboratory Ship, basically nothing happened.

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Pacjent Zero jest zadaniem pobocznym. Do jego rozpoczęcia wymagane jest ukończenie zadania Po Przebudzeniu oraz pokonanie widma Złącza Eris na Plutonie. Ukończyć je można raz.